IF EVER you need to feel better about your own life, take a look as Kerry Katona’s. Honestly, it’ll give you more pep than prozac.

The bankrup6a00d8341bfcfe53ef011168d07t crack-head received a final lump sum of £140,000 from her accountant to help pay off her mortgage, but she squandered the lot in a month (probably on cocaine and cocktail sausages).

A source has said that she could be on the streets by Easter, which is quite fitting considering she’ll be getting crucified by the bailiffs.

She apparently dreads the idea of being back on benefits and living in council house, but we dreaded seeing her degenerate face in those embarrassing Iceland adverts, so fair’s fair. If she ends up on benefits, there would be a distinct rise in tax evasion because decent people won’t want their money to end up in her tracksuit pocket.

I wonder what Brian McFadden thinks about all this? It’s fair to say that the only thing he’ll be concerned about this Easter is getting stuck into Delta Goodrem’s eggs.

Let’s pray he intervenes in case Kerry trades the kids in for a gram and a swig of Lambrini.