It’s long overdue, but police in London have finally decided to clean up the capital’s crime-ridden streets once and for all.

To that end, a 22-man crack team of undercover cops have been given the dirty job of flushing out criminals who have committed one of the filthiest crimes there is.

They’re called The Dog Squad and their mission is to enforce pooper scoop laws. The anti-poo wardens have been introduced by Islington Council in North London in an attempt to catch repeated dog foul offenders. Their kids must be so proud.

“Residents are sick of dog mess, and we’re taking strong action against irresponsible owners,” said Islington Councillor Paul Smith. “Dog-fouling is anti-social and there’s no excuse. There will be zero tolerance for those who refuse to do the right thing. Our Dog Squad is targeting hot spots, and there will be fines and court action for anyone caught letting their dog foul our community.”

Hilariously, poo crimes and updates on patrols will be also be reported by the team on Twitter with the hash tag #thedogsquad.

“Never in the history of street cleaning has so much been paid by so many for poo,” said opposition Liberal Democrat councillor Greg Foxsmith. “In a few weeks’ time, when the money has been squandered and the contract is over, the streets of Islington will once again be paved with dog mess.”

Well Foxsmith might be a cynic but here at BBM we think it’s an excellent idea and can’t wait for the American networks to pick it up. We can see it now: CSI: Islington – using futuristic technology to work which turds came from which breeds. The first episode could start with Laurence Fishburne stepping in an old white crumbly stool that’s been there for years.

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