‘Take Me Out' Prostitution ScandalDating game show ‘Take Me Out’ hosted by Bolton comic Paddy McGuinness (anyone would think he was Irish) is back. It brings with it sexy men and women (supposedly), humorous banter (apparently) and a fair share of scandal.

Complaints have been rolling in at the discovery of the past exploits of two contestants who by some chance of fate happened to find each other to be possible perfect matches.

The initial attraction arose from both of their heights (or lack thereof), but it seemed they had something else quite interesting in common that should provide them with countless stories to share.

Aaron Withers (32) had a previous career as a gigolo charging £50 an hour for his services, while his date Wen-Jing Mo (28) revealed that she used to charge £200 an hour for hers.

Unfortunately for Aaron, Wen also revealed on the show that she was looking for a man who earned at least three times more than she did.

Talkback Thames stated that background checks are made on each contestant and panellist before appearing on the show and they take things such as this very seriously.

Their procedures, however, also failed to uncover Withers past conviction of assault.

The network is looking into improving their checking procedures to ensure this does not happen again.

Withers claims to have slept with over 100 women while travelling the world. He is now dating 23-year-old Shannon Dando, so despite all the scandal the show even failed to make a successful match.

By Lewis Roe

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