alex_ferguson_449060aLOOKING for some hot stuff baby this evening! I need some hot stuff baby tonight!
Such were the words spoken by Prince Albert when he first met a young Queen Victoria well over a decade ago.
In this day and age of course, we’re a little bit more enlightened when it comes to wooing the ladies. Yes, if BBM is looking for some hot, hot sex, we head to the nearest brothel.
As did a un-named man in Switzerland this week who, feeling a bit bored, decided to visit a transsexual brothel in Basel. We’ve all been there.
But, alas, this harmless past-time literally turned into hot, hot sex when the brothel caught fire, and the man, let’s call him Swissy Tranlove, had to crawl bollock naked onto a window ledge.
Firefighters eventually rescued him, but not before he’d been photographed ‘tackle out’ by hundreds of laughing passers by.