First class monkey businessWhilst we all travel economy, Silvestre an 11-month-old Orang-utan gets to travel first class. When he was rejected by his mother at a zoo in Santillana del Mar, Spain, he boarded a ferry all the way to the UK to come and live in the creche at the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre.

All seems so easy but it wasn’t without pitfalls. The Sumatran Orang-utan is one of a critically endangered species, so of course traveling first class was the only option, let’s hope he didn’t drink all the champagne.

Special permission was needed from British authorities and he had to be bought over in the specialist accommodation with zoo employees. So maybe no parties then, us humans we always ruin the fun for the first class monkey traveller.

Here’s to out pal and we hope he doesn’t miss out on the childhood he would have had from coming over. He shall make monkey friends in no time seeing as he already has a story to tell.

By Maddie Daniels