Corpse-on-the-rocks-Yep it’s official, death is now going all modern on us, thanks to the Cambridge City Crematorium, who are now offering Cryomation, in which liquid nitrogen cools a corpse to -196C, when it is freeze-dried, turned into powder and used as compost. Similarly they are also proposing to submerge bodies in silk bags in a 160C potassium hydroxide solution would dissolve them in around three hours – a process known as resomation, invented by a Scottish company. Tracy Lawrence, of the Cambridge City Crematorium says,
“The plans envisage a modern, forward-looking service delivering good value and offer improved returns to future investment.” Of course these are all measures that are to be taken to deal with the lack of burial space available, however it sounds like something out of iRobot, and I think we’ll stick to conventional methods, death is scary enough without being melted down.