Snoop Dog Arrested in Texas for Possession of Marijuana (again...)Naughty Snoop Dogg has been arrested in Texas, after a sniffer dog smelt out marijuana on the rappers tour bus. Ironic, yet hardly surprising, we all know this dirty dogg has a penchant for green.

The star’s tour bus was going into Texas over the Sierra Blanca before it was stopped at border patrol and it was there that the sniffer dog found the naughty drugs hidden in a bin. Not exactly the best hiding place, but then if you’re high anything goes. Police officers searched his bus amd found a prescription bottle with several ounces of pre made joints in. Snoop Doggy Dogg admitted to police that the bottle was his. How chivalrous, next he’ll be saying it’s medicinal.

Police issued the rapper a citation for misdemeanour drug possession yet if convicted could face a potential 180 days in the slammer, yet Dogg isn’t exactly shy when it comes to getting arrested for drug naughtiness. Snoop was arrested for the same misdemeanours just after graduating high school, then in 1998, then in 2001, again in 2006 oh and again in 2007.

Will he ever learn? Drugs are bad m’kay.

by David Mahoney
Twitter: @davidmahoney1

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