Shauns Ryding HighShaun’s Ryding High
THE Happy Mondays star has officially gone postal, after losing the I’m a Celeb crown to former X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon.

After the loss last week, Shaun was ready for a profanity-filled outburst in regards to nutritionist Gillian McKeith. Naturally, The Sun were there.

“I felt she was the greatest disgrace to the female race,” he told them after the finale. “I cracked after days of somebody being too self-important. She was banging at my head.”

“I wanted to rip her head off, set her on fire and bury her in the f***ing jungle.”

If one thing’s for sure, that would’ve delivered some stellar ratings.

Shaun – the most bleeped contestant ever on I’m A Celebrity – was also happy to tell The Sun how he celebrated his release from the jungle, with a 20-second romp with his missus. Charming.