McProductMcProduct Placement

OH, hello there. Didn’t see you – you see, we were over at the local McCafe with some shiela’s and our pet kangaroos.

Or atleast that’s what the crazy Americans and their leader, a Miss O. Winfrey, think we’re doing here in Australia. We’d hate to see what they think of England!

According to Oprah’s Aussie Countdown, viewed by 10 million Americans last week, we call men “blokes”, women “sheilas” and we like to meet up at “hip joints” called McCafes to sip on gourmet coffee. Surprising to nobody is the news that the segment was paid for by McDonalds.
Now that Oprah and her devout followers have hit the country, BBM has to wonder whether they’re shocked that we actually drive cars, not kangaroos, and not even on dirt roads!

Sydney is currently facing an overload of security, with the Opera House in lockdown and Oprah’s travel plans under lock and key. Technically, she’s a ‘guest of government’ so wherever she goes – a police escort will follow.

If you are reading this, Oprah, we only kid – feel free to come in for a chat, the coffee’s on us!