‘Sex Is No Accident’ Proves To Be PopularIf you ever go water skiing, the last thing on your mind if your line snapped would be “oh my god, I’m about to crash in to the hot bent over woman with no condom!” But MTV is giving off that idea as they are increasing their ‘Sex Is No Accident’ campaign with a new short video. The cartoons from Sex Is No Accident proved popular among safe sex committees and MTV fans and that popularity has turned the campaign into a series of adverts and short clips, an example of one of them being a situation when a water skier is going straight into the back of a bent over woman without any protection. It isn’t known if the skier broke a bone after the accident, but it must have been painful!
The original cartoons were created by Grey Worldwide Germany and were a series of accidental sex situations as a more fun way to teach people that extreme sports and sex do not mix well. Maybe they will start introducing these to sex education at school; maybe it will teach young girls when they grow up never to drop the pencil in front of loads of pervy old men, which certainly wouldn’t be an accidental situation.

By Jason Barr

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