russell binned 1So we’ve never whole heartedly supported the union between Russell Brand and Katy Perry, but we all had faith that he would fuck everything up sooner or later, after all this is Russell Brand we’re talking about. For some unknown reason, and we’re gathering that he probably doesn’t even know why he did it now, he decided that it would be a really good idea to post a picture of his young pop star wife on Twitter, in bed with out her make up on, of course he immediately deleted it, but BBM’s spies have seen it, and let’s just say we were correct in our opinion that we have never known what all the fuss about her is. What’s that we hear in the distance? Oh the scribbling sounds of signing on the dotted line of divorce papers. Russell you prick! But thanks we needed to feel better about our fat bodies and bad skin after the two-week booze and carb binge we’ve been on.