Kelly O's gone LocoIt must be fun being an Osbourne at times, as they clearly do not give a shit about their public personas as they continue to publicly exercise their mental personalities, all the while keeping us entertained with their insane shinanigans. We bring this to your attention as we discovered recovering alcoholic drug user Kelly deciding to go completely tits mcgee at her ex on Twitter. Ok we all know that love makes you mental, but Jesus, where is her publicist at? P.S. Kelly, just because Luke Worrall didn’t want to sleep with you, and decided to stick it in other girls, can you really blame him? You’ve only lost weight and looked semi decent since he fucked off, and yes he was after your money, is that such a crime? (Bugger, BBM’s first new years resolution down the pan, to be better people, looks like we’ll be getting another sack of coal next year.)

Finally an Arquette intervention! It’s no secret that David’s been partying his arse off since he separated from Courtney Cox, and doing all the text book mid life crisis things such as have threesomes with weird girls, get absolutely shit faced and wear dodgy leather jackets, but it’s good to know that he will be checking into rehab, and hopefully getting his shit under control. His family have stressed that it is not a drug problem, but for alcohol and “other issues”. Yeah other issues like being a massive twat. Sorry, what we meant to say was we hope he get’s better soon.