Robbie's-mystery-illnessIt would appear that Robbie Williams is trying to find some sort of excuse for being a complete ass. He recently revealed that he was suffering from an illness that made you depressed and lethargic, but he apparently didn’t know he had it for years. We’d call it being bratty and partying so hard that you’re a tad tired. However he did reveal that he takes medication now and is much better for it. He also revealed how much he struggled with alcohol addiction and general barminess after splitting with Take That, commenting on his mental state the smug faced singer said, “Elton John went mental, Elvis went mental, I went mental. Everybody at some point, at that stage, goes bonkers.” Strike one referring to yourself in the same sentence as two of the greats. He then attempted a sob story, when he was really just trying to show off how rich he was, when he first went solo and was doing the music video for George Michael cover Freedom “…I was in a bad, bad, way, I was pre rehab and I’d just finished off the top drawer of the mini-bar, the whole top drawer, all the liqueurs and spirits, and then started the video,” We’re glad that Robbie is a bit older and wiser now, but we still don’t want to see his face on our tele’s or his voice on the radio – he’s just really, really annoying.