RobbieRobbie Williams has decided to throw his toys out of the pram in regards to the new Take That reunion tour – by refusing to join in with their dance routines.

The singer who recently joined back with the band last year, slammed their upbeat dance moves that shot the group to stardom by saying they’re “silly”. I think he’s forgetting it’s those “silly” moves that made him the egotistical pop prince we’ve grown to love and loathe.

The dance diss has put a dampener on the group’s live return as Howard and Jason were planning to do their trademark head spins and break-dancing. Piano man Gary is also set to be bust out a hip shimmy in preparation for the show.

Sources say: “Rob’s put a dampener on things with this attitude. Fans want the tour to be like the good old days. Fair enough they might not be able to do all the back-breaking routines, but a wave and a cheesy grin alone just won’t cut it.”

Rob, please, get off your high horse, get over yourself! Take that and party!

By David Mahoney