Abbey rd foreverAbbey Road crossing has been given a Grade II status by heritage minister John Penrose. This is normally a status that is given to buildings.

All thanks to the great Beatles did this crossing become famous, who cares about USA having the stars we have a zebra crossing.

Mr Penrose stated to Sky news that “It is a fantastic testimony to the international fame of The Beatles that -more than 40 years on- this crossing continues to attract thousands of visitors each year, trying to mimic their iconic Abbey Road album cover.” Well we’ve all tried it, that’s one of the best things about visiting London. Even Sir Paul McCartney said this on the matter “It’s been a great year for me and a great year for The Beatles and hearing that the Abbey Road crossing is to be preserved is the icing on the cake.”

Soon they will start charging to cross the road, those poor joke chickens, how will they pay to get to the other side?

By Maddie Daniels