Record breaking bikini lineThere were a few happy fellas in Australia’s Gold Coast last Sunday. For a Guinness World Record attempt hundreds of bikini clad babes paraded the streets and beaches of the appropriately named ‘Surfers Paradise’. Attempting the longest ever bikini line, the tanned troops marched like
bikini wearing ants for one mile before the final tally of 357 landed them the world record.

The sweaty chicks managed to smash last year’s measly count of 331 that was set in the Cayman Islands. Perhaps the Guinness guys should come check out our lines of half-naked women in a club on a Saturday night waiting for the loo? There’s gotta be some sort of record there, just saying.

The event was organised by local newspaper The Golf Coast, who called upon woman aged 16-65 to take part. Imagine all those 66 year olds left gutted by this rather limiting age restriction.

The Guinness Book of Records officials (who all just happened to be blokes that day) were there of course, counting in the girls and making sure they were wearing ‘proper’ bikinis. Just another day at the office, right lads?

This all got us thinking, hang on, why don’t we arrange our own little naked stroll…?

So, any hot men out there age 21-66 fancy getting together, getting your kit off, and coming for a
walk? Let us know.

By Rachel Trickett