Dog afraid of Julia RobertsWell, who wouldn’t be? In the YouTube video, the dog approaches its owner, who’s waving a magazine in front of its face.

The owner flips to a page that happens to feature the fish-lipped actress’s face splashed all over it. The dog immediately takes up his ‘run away from evil horses’ stance.

The pooch gets really upset, whining and recoiling from the picture and only coming back to the owner when the magazine is closed and he can no longer see the offending image.

The second time, if you listen carefully, you can actually hear the dog saying “Oh look it’s horse-face Jules again, I don’t want to get swallowed by a nostril!”

“Imagine if he showed the dog a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker,” mused a Youtube comment troll, which prompted the droll response: “More like Sarah Jessica Barker, am I right?” Oh ha ha ha, how long did it take you to come up with that, clever-clogs?

It’s common knowledge that dogs can sense evil. There may be some sense in that: anyone with a smile that wide has got to be slightly unhinged and on the verge of a crazed attack at any moment.

By Ella Delancey

See the video below: