Randy Ram Goes on Sheep ShagathonSome boys just can’t get enough… Like Randy the Ram from The West Lodge Rural Centre in Desborough, Northants, who fathered no less than 33 lambs in 24 hours!

Back in April, Randy managed to jump a 5ft fence to the opposite field, which was full of the farm’s 109 ewes. The seven-year-old ram then went on a sex spree, breeding with over 30 of the lucky ladies.

Farmer Ed Dee, 42, said Randy “had a bit of a smirk on his face” when he was finally caught. We bet he did, dirty git.

Fellow farmer Ryan Thompson explained: “When they come into season the ewes produce a perfume that drives rams wild.”
Dee was shocked to find that he is now expecting around 30 lambs thanks to Randy, 13 of which have already been born.

“We got a vet out to do a animal equivalent of an ultrasound on a few that we thought were pregnant but he came back and told us that at least 30 were due.

“We don’t know how he managed it all.”

As well as being the Casanova of the Sheep world, Randy is also a seriously lucky bastard. Despite being due for slaughter last month, Randy managed to jump the fence again and by the time Farmer Dee had realised, it was too late.

That is one lucky sheep!

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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