Boxing - Khan Claims to be Cheated by Mystery ManAmir Khan has alleged that an unidentified man is guilty of interfering with the scorecards of his fight with Lamont Peterson last month.

Khan lost to Peterson 113-112, 113-112, 111-114 on the scorecards after being docked 2 points for persistent fouling, and he now claims that those scorecards were tampered with between rounds, and that this individual was seen speaking to WBA supervisor John Welsh. Following the fight Khan appealed the outcome, and the hearing is due to be heard later this month. Khan’s business manager Asif Vali said that they have reported this information to the authorities.

“We don’t know who the official is. We’ve asked the question, we’ve written to Washington DC and we’re still waiting for their response, and we’ve written to the IBF and they’ve still not responded.

If the answers are legitimate, fine, we’ll accept them. If they’re not legitimate, then we hope the rematch takes place, and if the rematch takes place, all this can be squashed.”

Reports that during the fight this mystery man also repeatedly punched Khan in the face, forced him to foul Peterson, and covered his ears so that he couldn’t hear the referee’s numerous warnings remain unconfirmed.

By Peter Simpson

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