russell brandWHATEVER happened to Russell Brand eh?


His career really hit the skids once he got sacked from Radio 2 thanks to that Daily Mail hate campaign. He’s probably run out of money and shagging some ugly slapper now.


This, dear readers, is commonly referred to as sarcasm, for as we all know, Katy Perry shagger Brand just seems to get luckier by the second.


So with his first lead role as a Hollywood star under his belt, our Russ has just been handed a megabucks contract with an American radio station. And seeing as they have this thing called freedom of speech in the land of Howard Stern, we’re sure he’ll go down a storm.


“He is desperate to do something with Jonathan Ross again. “Jonathan will be free for more fun and games when his BBC contract ends next month.


“Russell’s sidekick Matt Morgan is also keen to get writing and broadcasting again. The Sirius [radio] deal is in its infancy but Russell is well up for it.”