kfcSALADS at McDonalds. Come on people, if you’re going to eat fast food you should do it properly. We want MEAT! Unhealthy, unnamed and unnatural-looking MEAT!
And we don’t want a free wind-up car with our Happy Meal either, we want a defibrillator to combat the guaranteed heart attack that comes with every Extra Value Cardiac-buster Meal.
We knew that one of the fast food giants would eventually implode under the strain of the healthy eating fad that’s been going for the last few years.
So a round of applause for KFC in America, who’ve re-embraced their lardbucket roots with their latest offering – the Double Down Chicken Sandwich. If you want to make one, you basically take two slabs of greasy meat, shove some greasy meat in the middle of them, and then wrap the whole thing in greasy meat. That’s right, who needs bread when meat works just as well.
The Vancouver Sun tested one of the pre-launch burgers, on trial in Rhode Island and Nebraska, and concluded that there were 1,228 calories in it.
This figure is almost double KFC’s claim and half a man’s recommended daily calorie intake.