Public PayWHAT’S that slightly nauseating squelching sound? Why that’s the sound of the Irish public still being financially shafted by politicians. It turns out that despite bold statements from the Government vowing to cut allowance costs, taxpayers still had to turf out more than €2m in expenses (on top of their salaries) for politicians. In fact, over the past five years, when combined with TDs’ expenses, it means that the taxpayer has paid the Senate €50m for the privilege of running the country into the ground.
The top claimant during the past year was Fianna Fail’s Jim Walsh, from New Ross, Co Wexford, who received €62,196.
“This amount relates to a far longer period than the 12 months in question and that’s why my figure is higher than normal,” he said from the back of his gold-plated Rolls Royce.
“About €27,000 is for the previous year. People have a right to know where money is spent, but in my case this figure goes back a while.”