Pub Bars Family Over DietA family visted The Nutley Arms for a quiet drink which resulted in them being barred from the pub after the mother asked for a diet lemonade.

The Bessant family visited the pub in East Sussex after being regulars there for five years, however Jenny Bessant asked for a diet lemonade, yet the bar didn’t stock the calorie free drink. The mother then asked that the pub stocked the drink in future, for those who are watching their waistline, however this resulted in the family being served a letter, banning the family from the pub.

“I was absolutely flabbergasted” stated Jenny, before adding that the letter stated that “the landlord didn’t appreciate being dictated to.” The family were told they were no longer welcome to the pub anymore.

The landlord further added “It’s just the manner in which she commented that we didn’t stock it. It was not very polite of family friendly.”

It’s not her fault she wanted a diet ****ing lemonade!

By David Mahoney