Kates 1st car DUCHESS of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s old Volkswagen Golf has been put up for sale on eBay by the man who bought the car in 2009 before realizing it used to be hers. Sonny Brazil, the car’s current owner, bought the car for £1,400 from his car salesman dad about two years ago and stored it away in his garage when he realised how much it would be worth when she married Charlie Junior.

Speaking to a reporter wearing his Beefeater costume, Sonny explained he also found a pair of cuff links in the car, but when he went to Buckingham Palace to return them there was nobody home. Quel surprise!

He listed the vehicle on eBay with the starting price of £20,000 ($32,000). Rumours that Sonny has spent the last two years locked in his garage stroking the bonnet of the car and mumbling ‘my princess” are so far unconfirmed, although a source close to the Brazil family (his next door neighbour) confirmed that Sonny’s name was a bit shit!