Prince Philip Brands Wind Farms 'Useless'Prince Philip we do love you, you old bumbling racist outspoken coffin dodger. There will never be a dull moment as long as Prince Philip is able to speak your utter nonsensical ramblings.

The 90-year-old Duke of Edinburgh met with Esbjorn Wilmar in London as he tried to convince him that wind farms were the most cost effective renewable energy. Wilmar told the Sunday Telegraph, ‘He said they were absolutely useless, completely reliant on subsidies and an absolute disgrace.’

‘He said that they would never work as they need back-up capacity,’ he added. ‘I was surprised by his very frank views.’

Continuing on his verbal altercation with the mental old man, Wilmar said, ‘He said: “you don’t believe in fairy tales do you?”‘, who added that he was also met with short shrift when he suggested putting wind farms on the Prince’s land, only to be told, ‘You stay away from my estate, young man’.  (Classic Phil)

Although Britain currently has 3,421 turbines – 2,941 of which are onshore, and there are plans to construct a further 4,500 in the next few years, Prince Philip’s views certainly have dripped down to the margianlly younger generation with Prince Charles also refusing to have wind farms built on his land.

Ah, God bless Prince Philip and long live his Lolacausts!

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