Harry's New HottieFirst Will married a ‘commoner’, now Prince Harry’s bagged himself an American cocktail waitress; the lads
really are sticking their royal fingers up to tradition. Harry met his new fling Jessica Donaldson, 26, at
the Andaz Hotel in San Diego where she serves up cocktails to rich men.

The tattooed totty and a few of her mates met up with dirty Harry and his squaddie pals at the
city’s famous Belly Up Tavern. One witness says he was “all over her… they spent the whole evening
flirting”. Is it just us or does the thought of this horny ginger being all over you really test your gag
reflex. Bleugh! Even though the kids got a few pennies and she looks far from regal we can’t help but
think he might be batting above his weight. Still, this new wave of brunette beauties might just help
our royal gene pool.

The pair have been calling and texting each other and recently met up for lunch at a beach side
restaurant while the prince has been over there doing helicopter training. Although it’s doubtful that
he’ll be taking her back to grandma’s house just yet as Harry’s being relocated to Arizona in a few
weeks, leaving “wild” Jess (as described by a friend) in California.

Even if the royal rebel just managed to get his end away, he may be an ugly fucker but he’s still
young and human, so carry on son!
One does approve.

By Rachel Trickett