They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and so it proved for one lucky lady in Russia after her boyfriend proposed to her by hiding a ring in a gash in his abdomen. And they say romance is dead – when really it’s just necrotised.
The bizarre scene unfolded after the man persuaded a surgeon to hide the gold ring inside his body so his nurse lover would find it when she unwrapped the bandages.
We’re not sure how that fits in with the Hippocratic oath but this is Russia after all – he’s lucky the doc didn’t shove some polonium in there for good measure.
In footage caught on a phone in the hospital, the nurse removes the dressing, spots something shiny inside and gently removes it with a pair of tweezers. After a few seconds presumably wondering “what the fuck is this?!” she breaks down in tears and can only nod to accept the weird proposal.