As anyone who’s seen us scoping out the tweed section in Vinnies will tell you, we’re not exactly a fashion-conscience bunch here at BBM Towers.
But even we were bemused, confused and mildly enthused when we perused hip-hop star MIA in some new PR shots sporting an exact replica of the football top worn by Irish shotsopper Packie Bonner in the 1994 World Cup.
And we don’t mean it looked a bit like it – it was an exact match, and it was even two sizes too big.
After it was brought to his attention, Bonner was immediately on the case.
“Where did she get that jersey?” he said. “I’ve a couple in the house. But I’ve also given lots away to charity; it might be doing the rounds… so who knows it might be my jersey!”
Next week, Kanye and Kim step out at the MTV awards in the 1992-93 Aston Villa away kit.