Hurry up fellas. A magic ring that makes your partner bi-curious is on sale on eBay this month after a heartbroken bride-to-be found out her fiancé was cheating on her with another man.
The jilted 27-year-old, who would not reveal her name, said she needed to sell the 18-carat white gold marquise-cut diamond ring because her boyfriend had been banging his best mate Brad behind her back.
The Brit claimed she decided to cash in on the ring after she “seemingly turned” her partner.
She wrote: “So, you know when you’re engaged to be married and then suddenly your fiancé starts spending a little too much time with his friend, Brad?
“And you’re like, ‘Hey, it’s okay, Brad’s a great guy. He’s pretty buff and he’s a laugh and his fashion sense is amazing.'”
She became suspicious when she found pink stilettos, a blonde wig, white stockings and a dress that didn’t belong to her while unpacking. Call us Poirot, but we think we might have seen the signs a bit earlier if we’d been in her shoes – which her fiancé probably has.