Baby doll Nottinghamshire police force

We all make mistakes but none as costly as this one. The incident occurred when members of the Nottinghamshire police force broke into a car to rescue a doll.

With dolls appearing more and more life like, the moronic coppers caused £200 worth of damage to a car thinking there was a really child stuck in the vehicle. It was a tip off from a passer by that a child was left in the car on a hot day and with worries that it could die from the heat the police took action. Imagine their faces when they realized the heat had caused the child to morph into a plastic lifelike object from Argos.

Chanel, who the doll belongs to left it in the car after she was dropped off at school. This isn’t the first time the doll has caused trouble. The lesson here then is get your child a Tiny Tears and not a Reborn Doll. (Some of which even come with birthmarks – most likely caused by factory workers who can’t be bothered to do a proper paint job)

By Maddie Daniels