perry-puts-her-pump-in-itPerry puts her pump in it

Right, it’s official we’ve had enough of Katy Perry now, not only has she ruined one of our national treasures (Russell Brand) she’s now getting far to big for her boots. Speaking about how lavish her World Tour is going to be, she also mentioned the contract she’s been offered to model Victoria’s Secret, and attempting to alienate women everywhere, the busty wench spoke about the tour outfits saying, “Victoria’s Secret are on board, so girlfriends – lock up your boyfriends. That’s the thing with me, I think a lot of the girlfriends are bringing their boyfriends and they’re not really dragging their feet. They will secretly be excited, I think.” Well after releasing that shit single Firework – we’d suggest you kindly did one now Perry – P.S. Candy floss coloured hair doesn’t look cool it looks stupid.