Parrot ShoutingYou’d never thought that getting a parrot would lead to increased business for a cab firm, or a superstore, or anywhere that requires humans on that matter. But one parrot became such an annoying boss, he even had the police come looking for him.

John McAlinden was given the parrot two months ago, and the parrot was replicating orders given at the cab firm in Glasgow and received complaints from neighbours for its high noise throughout the day. Phrases such as “taxi for lidl” and “10-4” were being repeated onwards; so it’s a surprise the bugger didn’t get shot by an annoyed old man with a shotgun, or Liam Neeson on that subject matter.

So the parrot got a cautioning as well as McAlinden and all is well in the world of Glasgow now. But when will the cab firm boss take up his next job as the announcer at supermarkets? “Clean up on aisle 5” all day!

By Jason Barr