Paris Museum Set to Sue Over Naughty Lingerie StuntParis’s prestigious Musee D’Orsay is threatening to sue a lingerie company after three models paraded around the museum in bras and knickers.

Works by artists such as Van Gough and Renoir had to compete with models from lingerie firm Etam for the eyes of bewildered spectators.

The models were filmed for a video intended as a viral marketing campaign. It starts with the girls waiting outside the art gallery in trench coats.

Once the models are inside the gallery they shed their overcoats to reveal their scantily-clad bodies to astonished art lovers.

However, the museum was unamused by the stunt and has called the incident “a serious infringement of the Orsay’s rights and the rights of others.”

The museum’s director has reportedly threatened legal action against Etam if the lingerie maker does not remove the video from its website.

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