paris-hiltonWe’re highly aware you’re going to think that we’re just recycling our news, but honestly – we’re not that lazy. Paris Hilton has been arrested, again, for the possession of drugs. No, no, we’re not repeating ourselves, the dumb wench has literally gone and done it again. Hilton and her boyfriend were pulled over in Las Vegas when a policeman smelled the strong aroma of marijuana coming from their car, he then searched her purse and found cocaine. So she’s not just a stoner! She of course lied and said the purse wasn’t hers etc, etc. Basically, Nevada is not the place to get caught, and if she’s convicted of possession of a controlled substance she could well serve up to 4 years in prison. Judging on all her recent arrests and searches surrounding her drug use, we doubt she’s going to get off that lightly.