£50,000 Toilet For Uninhabited Scottish IslandAn uninhabited Scottish island has been given a state of the art toilet worth £50,000.

The isle of Handa, which is off the north west coast of Sutherland, has been uninhabited for over 150 year, yet the Scottish Wildlife Trust have splashed out thousands for the eco-friendly loo.

Ranger Phil Knott says that Handa has been in need of this for a while: “The septic tank couldn’t deal with 6000 visitors a year. Before if you needed to go, you had to find a quiet corner.”

The toilet will be welcomed by birdwatchers who occupy the island for 6 months of the year due to it’s huge range of sea birds including puffins, guillemots and great skua.

The loo is being designed by architect David Somerville. It is made of stainless steel, is eco-friendly and will be able to withstand gale force winds.

Somerville said: “It was a challenging project. The winds on Handa are so strong, it needed to be made of steel to hold it down.”

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