£250-for-ket-anyone-(Uk-News)Researchers are being slammed after they paid 15 students £250 each at Cambridge university to inject them with ketamine. One student commented on her experience saying, “It made me feel scared. It felt like the bed was floating up and I felt very disorientated. I couldn’t find my way to the bathroom. It was quite disturbing. I needed the money at the time and I wouldn’t do it again.” John Mitchell, a spokesman for Rehab Guide, an organisation which helps people to find treatment for drug addictions, said the study was a ‘dangerous game’, further commenting, “This is encouraging people to use ketamine for monetary reward. It’s immoral. That’s just a personal opinion but it’s a very dangerous game.” Sounds alright to us, money and you get off your tits! (No no no, we’re not suggesting you go and whore yourselves out for drug money, that would just be irresponsible.)