Oksana enjoys blowing itOksana enjoys blowing it

We’re all fully aware that Mel Gibson is, quite frankly, insane, and that his favourite past times include shouting profanities very loudly into tape recorders and hating Jewish people, but ex partner and full time media whore, Oksana Grigorieva may have just helped the crazy bastard in his quest for sole custody of their daughter. After being ordered to stay away from the media during the court battle by the judge, Oksana just could not help herself as she recorded an hour long interview with Larry King. Yes that’s right, not just a quick quip to any reporters following her, or a five minute call to a radio station – a full one hour all revealing interview, including playing the recordings of Mel’s infamous rants. However she was careful to say something nice about him, “Mel is a great father, but he needs therapy to deal with his issues so he can safely be around Lucia.”