nessaTHE usual motley crew of fame-hungry idiots entered the Big Brother house this week.
And it’s the usual hodge podge of knobheads – a bird with big tits, a bisexual, a gay, an Irish, a squatter, a religious type etc etc.
Attracting the most interest is a former serviceman who had both his legs blown off and lost an eye in an IRA bomb blast in Belfast. He clearly has no trouble getting his leg over though – the randy bastard has eight kids by two wives.
A 14th housemate was secretly selected by tombola as a “mole”, who the other housemates have to uncover.
Mario Mugan, from Essex, went into the compound wearing a furry mole suit with a sign round his head stating “I am a mole”. He will also sleep in a special “mole hill”. Bit of a giveaway really.