IN a win for pedophiles worldwide, the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority has
deemed a 16-year-old’s breasts suitable for prime time television.

Of course this is New Zealand we’re talking about, where each channel’s mascot is a naked
sheep. But we digress.

The breasts in question were those of a 16-year-old contestant on New Zealand’s Next Top
Model. For purely journalistic purposes, we have included one of the model’s photos for you
to decide.

We think the real crime here is the poorly-photoshopped steam but a viewer was “disgusted
and disappointed to see a 16-year-old girl being exploited” on the program.

The BSA disagreed, stating that “No attention was drawn to her breasts; the transition
between shots was relatively swift, and the camera tended to focus on the girl’s face.”

BBM would be foolish not to point out the irony in the complaint putting more attention on the
model’s breasts than the photoshoot. Well done, anonymous viewer!