Not Sleeping With Your Wife? Be Prepared to Pay...Literally.A French gentleman was fined 10,000 Euros for refusing to sleep with his wife. Surely the sex is meant to dry out though after a few years of marriage?

The couple in question, Jean-Louis and Monique have been married for over 21 years, and have two children, meaning they haven’t always been going through their dry spell. Monique, however, grew tired of her sexless marriage and decided to divorce her husband whilst at the same time suing him for the lack of nookie.

The case went to court, with Jean-Louise claiming that stress from work and ill health were to blame for his lack of libido. The judge stated: “A sexual relationship between husband and wife is the expression of affection they have for each other, and in this case it was absent”, ruling in Monique’s favour, fining Jean-Louis 10,000 Euros / £8,800.

Now if that isn’t a reason to start showing your lady some loving, then we don’t know what is.

By David Mahoney