Hurricane Katia batters the UKWinds of 80 mph (130kph) have breezed through areas of northern England and the south is also reportedly not going to escape its windy clutches. Hurricane Katia is being caused by a tropical cyclone in the Atlantic. Capel Curig in North Wales had a gust of 73mph at 5am this morning, as forecasters warned of worse to come in the next 24 hours. Hurricane Katia has already claimed the lives of 33-year-old Thomas Clarke who is said to have been swept out to sea on Friday by a ‘huge’ wave and Mr Clarke, of County Cavan, Northern Ireland, was swept away in Maine in the United States.

30 foot waves have been crashing Irish shores and waters are expected to top coastal defences at high tide, with heavy rain all over the country to add to the blustery conditions the Met Office has issued an ‘amber’ alert.

The fallout from Katia could be the strongest storm since 1996, when Hurricane Lili crossed the Atlantic to reach Britain from the US.

So remember all UK-ers, tie yourselves to your desk chairs today as this Monday could blow you all away. We’re hoping Katia’s going to be rather lazy and peter out by tomorrow afternoon.

With the weather continuing to resemble scenes from The Day After Tomorrow, now may be the time to make friends with Jake Gyllenhaal.

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