In the most controversial biscuit-based scandal since Prince Harry asked Angela Merkel if she wanted some ginger-nuts, McVitie’s have caused uproar after declaring an official verdict on whether the chocolate side of a hob nob is up or down.
For years, right-minded  people across the world have insisted the chocolate side was face up while a small cabal of Trump-voting conspiracy theory nut jobs insisted the chocolate was on the bottom.
And now, in the biggest shock decision since Brexit, McVitie’s say the loons have it right.
“Hi, our Hobnobs goes through a reservoir of chocolate, so it’s on the bottom! Thanks, McVitie’s,” read a post from United Biscuits after a flood of online questions asking them to settle the debate.
Rubbish. Next they’ll be telling us we’re eating Cadbury’s crème eggs wrong.