Naomi CampbellWhen we read that Naomi Campbell was heading to the courts for a war crimes trial, we were overjoyed that the phone-throwing, airport-staff abusing supermodel was finally facing punishment for her part in Fat Slags: The Film.
However, the star of other blockbusters such as Prisoner of Love and Girl 6 was a key witness in the UN-supported trial of ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor after Mia Farrow (ex-girlfriend of Woody Allen; mother of Woody Allen’s wife) claimed that Taylor gave Campbell a blood diamond while the three were ‘overnight guests’ of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Campbell claimed that two men knocked on her hotel room door and handed her “a small pouch” as a gift. She described the contents as “two or three very small diamonds,” but did not admit who the gift was from, adding nothing to the case.
Of course, when you’re Naomi Campbell – out of work and “low on cash”, accepting dirty gifts in small pouches is a daily occurrence and essential to survive.