Fantasy FootballTah-da! Just as big as the actual Premier League, and twice as prestigious, it’s the return of BBM’s fantasy football tournament!
Once again we’ll be piggybacking off another website to save us having to do any work – but there will be fan-dabby dozy prizes for the best managers. We’ve got no less than $1000 in bar tabs to giveaway thanks to our sponsors at PJ O’Brien’s.
Anyone who finishes in a Champions League position (top four) will win at least $100 in booze money, with $400 going to the winner, and $50 for the best team name. We’ll also be printing the top ten team’s in the mag each week. It’s free to enter. Simply go to the website, create a team and join our league in the manage league section. The code to join is 731745-166799. One entry per person.
Prizes (in PJ O’Brien’s bar tabs) are: First: $400, Second: $250, Third: $150, Fourth: $100.