Naked Woman Dangles Off Balcony After SexA British woman holidaying in Spain was left dangling naked from a hotel balcony after having sex with her husband. The frisky lady in question was only saved from plummeting to serious injury due to her ankle getting caught in the balcony railing.

Firemen were called to the hotel to save the 49-year-old. If the lady’s ankle hadn’t been caught, she would have fallen down several stories and landed on marble flooring, resulting in serious injury/death.

A Spanish police spokesperson announced “Her good luck was that getting her leg caught stopped her from falling. Her bad luck was that she broke her ankle, was naked and couldn’t get free. Had her leg not been trapped between the banisters, the consequences could have been more serious.”

Well we at BBM would like to remind everyone to practice safe sex!

By David Mahoney

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