Damning Rugby World Cup Reports LeakedFootballers are disgraceful. All they care about is money. They don’t care about playing for their country. They need to look at the rugby lads to learn to… oh, err… nevermind.

Reports leaked to The Times from investigations by the player’s Rugby Football Union (RFU) as well as the professional clubs have exposed the greed and stupidity among England’s players. The investigations – which were commissioned in response to England’s disastrous World Cup – reveal that one player complained about £35,000 going down the toilet because they’d lost to France and that members of the squad would make fun of others if they tried too hard in training.

They also say that a group of senior players led by Lewis Moody threatened to boycott a dinner on the eve of their departure to the tournament because they weren’t happy with how much they were going to be paid – essentially, holding the RFU to ransom.

Drinking games were also prevalent and the reports criticise Martin Johnson’s lack of control. Johnson resigned as manager last week but the reports will still make uncomfortable reading for him and those who’ve long believed that rugby held a moral high ground looking down on greedy and selfishly unpatriotic footballers.

Like the plot of an 80s sports movie, it’s going to take an inspirational figure to whip this unruly team into shape. I seem to remember Goldie Hawn doing a good job in ‘Wildcats’ – wonder if she’s available…

By Peter Simpson
Twitter: @weasel_delight

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