Naked Blonde guests on Scotland Tonight!On a normal weekday evening, you turn on the television and expect to see the news and update yourself on the day’s events. Well, for Scottish viewers, they got TWO more stories to look at during STV’s political debate.

Midway through a broadcast, a sex scene featuring a naked blonde, thought to be from sitcom Shameless appeared for a few seconds before coming off the screen again. As it was past the watershed, the television officials are using the watershed excuse as a way of not apologizing, yet explaining how it will not happen again.

Very clever….. To be fair, Scotland Tonight sounds much more fun than our boring BBC and ITV broadcast; hasn’t been the same since the Trevor McDonald era!

I bet that was Gordon Brown’s way of getting back at British politics. As they discuss New Labour, shove a naked lady on to get them in even more shit than they’re already in. Oh Gordon, if this was your scheme; you’re a way better prankster than a prime minister.

By Jason Barr

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