mini-diva-alertMini Diva Alert

Remember when we had to endure weekly cringe worthy, vomit inducing quotes from the likes of Lady Gaga and Kanye West. Well it would appear that we’re going to be getting the same from diva div in the making Willow Smith. Already sounding like she’s a bit big for her boots, when asked who she takes advice from, the ten-year-old crazy-haired child said, (rather matter of factly) “My mom, my dad, Jay-Z, Beyoncé. That’s probably it. They give me advice like: ‘Have fun.'” Yeah ‘cause that’s normal isn’t it? In the rest of the interview she managed to further sound like a little knob when asked about how she reacted to meeting Lady Gaga, saying, “Was I starstruck? Not really. I was very cool. I kept my composure.” On her crazy little wardrobe the wannabe fashionista commented, “I just be myself. I choose my own clothes,’ she said. ‘It’s schoolgirl meets punk rock.” Altogether these quotes just annoy us, aren’t child stars meant to be all nice and cute and not royally up their own arses?