Mike Tindall cheats on Zara Phillips whilst on Rugby World Cup TourTut, tut, tut Mike Tindall! Mike Tindall, England Captain and new husband of Royal Zara Phillips has been caught red handed snogging and groping a stunning blonde at a dwarf throwing competition whilst on the Rugby World Tour in New Zealand.

Whilst out celebrating their opening victory the England team were having a booze filled night in a bar in New Zealand. One onlooker said “They were flirting with each other and getting very touchy-feely. Then they went into the doorway, where the girl gestured Mike towards her chest.” Continuing,”She pulled his head towards her breasts and she rubbed the back of his head as she did so. The girl was absolutely stunning and all over him. He clearly thought it was a case of ‘What happens on tour, stays on tour.”

Hmm we wouldn’t mess with Queenie’s granddaughter Tindell, look what happened to Princess Di!