Mayor apologises for 3 day drinking binge

Mayor Bob Ryan of Sheboygan, Wisconsin has apologised after a drinking binge that saw him get in a fight and pass out in a tavern.
The self-described alcoholic admitted he was not proud of what he had done but refused to resign despite pressure to do so. He said: ‘’I do not blame the council for asking for my resignation. What I did is indefensible. I’m not proud of it. I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been successful in spite of it, and I will continue to be successful.”
He had gone out on a Friday for dinner before it turned into the three day session. Describing events, Ryan said: ‘Did I pass out on a bar? Yes I did. I’ll admit that. Was I in a scuffle? Yes. Did I start it? No, I did not.”
The squiffy mayor had previously been caught making sexual comments about a relative, and he also faces a sexual harassment accusation from a female employee he fired. Despite unrest from local residents, no formal complaint has been made, although council members have confirmed they will act.
Ryan has allegedly been under intense pressure since learning of a new challenger at the next election – Lindsay Lohan.

By Jonathan Anderson